Netech Distributors focuses on the supply, maintenance and load testing of all brands of lifting equipment. We have also recently incorporated distributorships of industrial tooling and consumables brands to satisfy the demand of our clients as well as offering a ‘one stop’ procurement experience. We at Netech regard our staff members as assets rather than employees as we like them to see a future and growth in their livelihoods in return for their honest and professional efforts as they are in fact the forefront of our company.



The company ‘Steel Ropes cc.’ was established in October 1982 and was officially appointed as a distributor of Mckinnon Chain and ‘Haggie ltd.’ Ropes, since date of establishment.

The company ‘Echo Cranes cc.’ was then purchased by the owners of ‘Steel Ropes cc.’ to enable them to amalgamate to offer a complete service with regards to sales, service, maintenance and repairs to lifting machinery and lifting tackle.


The company ‘Netech Distributors cc.’ was established in January 1999, amalgamating ‘Steel Ropes cc.’ and ‘Echo Cranes cc.’ by the current C.E.O Mister Hannes van Reenen. The owner decided to keep all the infrastructure, distributorships and resources from these companies, except for the repairs to overhead and mobile cranes.


We still however are suppliers to this field, in terms of the supply of consumables and spares for this specialized type of lifting machinery. ‘Netech Distributors’ now boasts the only independent lifting company in the region offering the following:

  • B.E.E compliancy

  • Distributors of only 100% S.A.N.S compliant lifting equipment

  • Distributors of high quality industrial, S.A.B.S approved tooling and consumables

  • Compliant with the ‘Occupational Health and Safety Act’

  • The issue of a manufacturers test certificate at the purchase of any new lifting equipment

  • The issue of a ‘Netech Distributors’ test certificate signed by a qualified load test technician

  • All load test technicians are registered and recognized by the ‘Department of Labour’

  • Load testing on / off site by means of a 40 Ton mobile test rig as well as an ‘in-house’ test rig

  • Trade tested rigger & crew with equipment for all rigging jobs on site • 24 hour free emergency standby for contract customers

Mission statement

We at ‘Netech Distributors cc.’ will only supply products that meet with or exceed national and/or international standards in terms of design, quality and safety. We shall meet or exceed our customer’s service expectations and timeously inform them if we are unable to do so.  We recognize and respect our customer’s rights of freedom of choice with regard to our products and our suppliers and insist on fair and equitable treatment and recognition. We actively engage our customers in exploring ways to build and enhance mutually beneficial partnerships and lasting relationships based on trust, reliability, security and honesty. We will vigorously protect our good name and standing in the market place through innovative and active involvement, and service support to all our customers. We will continually develop the skill base of all our employees and foster respect at all levels of the organization and to recognize each individual’s rights and worth.



Hannes van Reenen - CEO

Hannes' principal responsibility is the fulfilment of the company’s mission and the legal accountability and to further insure adequate human and financial resources and actively monitors and evaluate the organizations management team, as well as the overall financial results. He approves and implements policies to ensure the achievement of the mission of the organization, and to prevent perceived, potential or actual conflict of interest .



All of our staff members have undergone a thorough pre-employment screening test ensuring that quality personnel are employed and thereafter all necessary training is given to them individually, as we feel that it is more viable in investing in our employees as opposed to losing quality, skilled personnel due to a lack of training.

  • Anton Ferreira - Technician : Lifting Machinery Inspector

  • Bret Rasmussen - Sales & Marketing

  • Mobi Mahlalela - Technician Assistant

  • Sipho Mthembu - Assistant Rigger

  • Mzwake Zwane - Workshop Technician

BEE Status

‘Netech Distributors cc.’ boasts a 100% black empowered status.



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